Employee Spotlight – Michael Lesperance

Showcase – 1978 Pontiac Trans Am/ V8, 6.6L 375 hp

Showcase – 1978 Pontiac Trans Am/ V8, 6.6L 375 hp

Employed with Onfreight Logistics approaching his 9th year…

Mike Lesperance is a hardworking, straight up individual that showcases that grit, focus and determination does pay off. This comes in the form of his 1978 Pontiac Trans Am, in which you may see time-to-time parked in the front of the Onfreight Headquarters in Tecumseh, Ontario.

Onfreight Logistics 20 Years Trans Am Trucks

Mike’s interest for this vehicle is shared with his wife Sharlene. Both have vivid memories and connection to the vehicle as they can remember watching movies at the drive-in and watching Smokey and the Bandit (which Burt Reynolds had a very similar if not identical model). Mike has dreamed of owning this vehicle for 44 years.

Mike started off his Trans Am journey after purchasing two similar models. One from Leamington, Ontario and the other from Guelph, Ontario. Since the model from Guelph was in better shape, he had decided to begin his journey towards restoring it and using some of the other parts from the other vehicle.

Mike bought top of the line parts and upholstery from top of the line suppliers and made sure they were of quality and spec to the highest degree. The hardest part of the journey to restore the vehicles was to find the right parts and the countless amount of tedious work, like scraping rust and tar off the body.

After 11 years post purchase, Mike is now able to enjoy the fun part. Seeing it all put together and driving it when he can (only during nice weather). Mike has attended the Mitchel’s bay car show, Comber Fair and plans to bring it out to Heritage Village for their car show in a few weeks.

Mike is never afraid to talk about his prized possession and his love for his job, but please don’t touch his car…  Cheers to you Mike on your hard work and dedication!


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