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Onfreight Logistics is your full service solutions provider of shipments for trucking, warehousing and distribution throughout North America.

We guarantee fast dependable service in Canada, USA and Mexico.  Our industry advantage is a highly skilled customer focused logistics team, including our courteous drivers with a reliable energy efficient fleet of equipment.

We are able to provide a broad range of service including long haul, dedicated, same day, emergency deliveries and brokerage services all tailored exactly to your requirements.

We are also proud to offer a diverse range of value added services including manufacturing, packaging and quality sorting.

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Ontario Truckers: We’re Proud to Share the Road With You!

Celebrating and raising public awareness around the invaluable contributions truck drivers provide as the lifeblood of our nation’s economy and their place in Canada’s social fabric.

Friends of Flint Water Week Onfreight Logistics

As most of you know, there is a water crisis going on in Flint, Michigan. The poor people of this city are living in a public state of emergency stemming from contamination of their water source. They are in desperate need of clean water and this problem with continue for many years as the pipes continue to erode into the water source. More information on the problem can be found here:

This is your chance to help these people.
Between February 26th and March 6th stop by one of the following four participating Amherstburg stores : Sobey’s, No Frills, Canadian Tire, and Shopper’s Drug Mart. There is no need to bring cases to the checkout counter or lug them to a storage facility — simply tell your cashier as you are checking out that you would like to purchase a case (or cases) of water and they will scan in a special inventory code.

This event is open to everyone! You don’t have to live in Amherstburg to order cases or pallets of water, simply contact me at *protected email* and we will gladly make all of the arrangements on your behalf. We encourage corporations to get involved and welcome you as community partners.

The impact you make today can have a powerful rippling effect on someone in Flint tomorrow, for no act of kindness is ever wasted.

Thank you for your generous support!

Contact us for a prompt and courteous reply to discuss any needs and questions you may have.

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